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William Blake Essay Examples

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William Blake’s Visions

William Blake’s Visions of the Daughters of Albion is a representation of the author’s convictions concerning repression and physical and religious slavery. Oothoon, Blake’s heroine, is subject to the rejection of two men who are unable to provide her with the pure, innocent love she so desires. Upon plucking Leutha’s flower, Oothoon indicates that she…

William Blake’s “The Book of Thel”

William Blake’s contrast between innocence and experience is apparent in another book, aside from those that are named respectively, that was produced in 1789, The Book of Thel. Thel is a maiden who resides in the Vales of Har, which seems equivalent to the sheltered state of peace and innocence in the Songs of Innocence….

William Blake’s “The Tyger”

William Blake wrote The Tyger as a counterpart to The Lamb. In its simplest interpretation, it may seem that The Tyger represents the bad in mankind, and The Lamb represents the good. The speaker asks the tiger, “What immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry?” (4) The Tyger is majestic, but also dangerous…



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Innocence and experience in Blake’s Songs

A Romantic as he was, William Blake created his rather simple songs as an opposition to the poetry the eighteenth-century poets tried to impose, the so called ornated word,poetry of beautiful words saying very little. Songs of Innocence and Experience are about the “two contrary states of the human soul” as Blake put it. To…

Spring by Edna St. Vincent Millay and the Sick Rose by William Blake

The first poem is called, “Spring,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay and the second poem is called, “The Sick Rose,” by William Blake. The two poems are similar in the way that the personas express their feelings towards life. Beauty, the seasons of life, and the meaning of life are the focuses of both poems….

An Analysis of the Poem “The Tyger” by William Blake

In the first stanza we can observe that the word “tiger” is written with a “y” instead of an “I”, this is to give the word an inclination towards Ancient Greece. This is closely followed by the alliteration “(…) burning bright (…)” .This alliteration is used by the author to emphasize the strong, bright, shiny…

“The Tyger” VS “The Lamb” by William Blake

The two poems that I will analyse in depth, “The Lamb”, and “The Tyger” has many comparisons and contrasts between the two, although the same writer, William Blake, wrote them. He was born in London on 28, 1757 a period of time when enormous and rapid changes occurred in Europe, like the “Industrial”, “Agricultural” and…

A Critical Analysis on William Blake

As romanticism flourished in Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century in European culture one of the figures that stood foremost was William Blake. A poet, an engraver-putting it simply, an artist, many have raised an eyebrow with his lifestyle and works. Being a lyric poet, a visionary and even a mystic at…

London by William Blake

Question- Identify a poem that makes a social or political statement. Explain what statement is being made and, with close references to the text, analyse the literary conventions used to convey the statements. Further, explain how this helps you gain a stronger understanding of the poem`s main theme(s). I have chosen the poem London by…

A Background on William Blake

A child of the Romantic Period, William Blake was a poet born into the lively grounds of Soho, England. Since childhood, people observed in him a keen sense of imagination. This recognition then encouraged his parents to support his career path as an artist (Merriman n. p. ). Blake was largely considered as eccentric or…

The Tiger and the Pig: Comparing two poems

TASK After taking part in a discussion in class about two poems. William Blake’s’ ‘The Tiger’ published in 1794 and ‘View of a Pig’ by Ted Hughes published in the 1960’s. Question 1 How do the poets’ attitudes to their respective animals differ? Firstly I think that in Hughes’ ‘View of a Pig’, it seems…

William Blake’s “Infant Joy” and “Infant Sorrow,

I chose William Blake’s “Infant Joy” and “Infant Sorrow,” because they represent two different perspectives of innocence. I particularly liked “Infant Joy,” due to its dark symbolism, imagery, and figurative depiction of innocence. It is quite shocking that an infant would describe a new world as “dangerous” (Blake 2), where the infant’s parents would either…

William Blake in Contrast of Songs of Innocence and of Experience

William Blake, an engraver, exemplified his passion for children through his many poems. Blake lived in London most of his life and many fellow literati viewed him as eccentric. He claimed to have interactions with angels and prophets, which had a great influence on his outlook of life. Blake believed all prominent entities, those being…

Transition in William Blake’s Poems

“Transition into a new phase of life can seem frightening; however these transitions can result in positive consequences. ” Discuss this statement with reference to two of Blake’s poems and the visual stimulus ‘Growing Up’. As an individual, we may feel daunted by the thought of moving into a new stage of life. However we…

The Sound Devices Used Within the Tyger by William Blake

The Tyger, written in 1974, is one of both simplicity and mystery. Within this poem written by old English William Blake, there are 13 full questions within this short 24 line work. Though many literary analysts have attempted to forge a meaning from this work, not one theme has a more correct stance than any…

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